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The Company

The Company

CONTROL SYSTEM SEASA , has over 25 years installing and maintaining in Spain an 17 Countries, automated systems "turnkey" for:


             - Fire Protection
             - Security Systems
             - Access Control
             - Closed Circuit Television
             - Integrated Security Systems

This service powered by an efficient after-sales support and a philosophy based on a high level of quality, since quality is the responsibility of each and every one of those integrating Seasa Control System.

Security is a trade specialist, therefore, our technicians receive ongoing training in order to stay current on techniques and applications.


In an effort to meet the demands of the market and be present at major companies, presenting a wide range of services that have all the means to ensure better implementation of the same.

Adapting to customer needs, we aim to meet and comply with goals very determined, and establish innovative products with creative habits, identify and analyze problems, infer causes and create viable solutions.

Besides ourselves to the installation of all the above systems, we also maintain them through regular visits made ​​by our specialized technical team, although the system has not been installed by our Company.


Approvals al Legal Records

 Registered and approved by the Spanish General Directorate of State Security under number 2329

 Authorized by the Spanish General Directorate of State Security as an installer with number 270 IPCI

 Licensed by the Spanish Department of Industry and Maintainer with number 267 MPCI

 Registered with the Spanish Directorate General of Armament and Equipment of the Ministry of Defence with the number 5362

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